6 Ways a Single Email Makes Your Client Appointments Run More Smoothly

Amy Cocke

Do you use appointment confirmation emails in your business? Do you feel like maybe you forget something every time you send one?  

First: these emails should be automated. Your client schedules time with you. Your scheduling or email marketing software sends the confirmation almost instantly.  

This is What Your Email Should Include

  • Date and time of the appointment (of course).
  • Suggestions on how they should prepare. If it's a webinar, maybe you have a worksheet they need to download. For an in-person appointment, what should they bring with them? If it's a video call, suggest they find a quiet place with nothing in the background they don't want you to see.
  • Give them a time frame for how early they should arrive. Is parking awful where you're doing your face-to-face meeting? If it's a webinar or in-person seminar, is the room likely to fill before the official start time?
  • How to get to the meeting. For phone calls, specify who is calling whom and at what number. Let them know if GPS isn't reliable to reach your location and the best way to get there if not. Warn them if a train always stops on the tracks at 7:55 am when your meeting starts at 8:00 am.

If any of these require more than a short paragraph or so, send in a separate email. And let the person know in the confirmation that the information is coming separately and what to look for.

Make Your Email Easy to Find

How many times have you dug through your inbox trying to find an important email only to realize hours later the from name is something random like "Turner Welcome Systems" even though the company name is "Blue Enterprises."  

And the subject line is something bland like "Your Confirmation."  

Make your subject line clear so your readers can search for it later. This is a person who has scheduled time with you in some way. They WANT to talk to you - make it easy. For example: "Confirmed - Meeting with Amy Cocke." or "You're all set for 5 Secrets to Clearer Skin Your Dermatologist Hasn't Told You. Details inside."

It Should be as Simple as Possible 

You want this person's experience of working with you to be as easy as possible. Whatever makes that experience better - add it to your confirmation email or a subsequent email.

Want to Write Your Own Appointment Confirmation Emails?

Get the step-by-step template that walks you through what your customers need from you for a great customer experience.