Hi, I'm Amy Cocke - Copywriter for Pet Businesses

When you started your business, you thought you just needed a website and a Facebook page or Instagram account and you would be set. Then you learned about email lists. And funnels.  

Suddenly you have all of this copy to write - but you don't know what to do with it all. So you throw something up there, thinking, "Done is better than perfect, right?"  

It is - at first. As your business grows, though, you realize those stilted-sounding emails you wrote just to get going aren't working anymore. You're getting customers. But you want more.  

Or, the customers you have aren't sticking around for long. Even though they love your product - you have the testimonials to prove it.  

It's time for version 2.0 (or 3.0) of your copy.  

There's where I come in.  

I use customer research (lots of research) and storytelling to plot out sales messages that get you new customers, make new customers feel like you're anticipating their every need, and bring those customers back for seconds, thirds, fourths - you see where this is going.  

The sales messages I write - from social media posts and ads to blog posts and emails - aren't about metrics or "best practices" - they're about finding out why your customers love you and the deep, dark details of how you've made their lives better, then using those details to improve your customer communications and get new customers to buy.  

Why I Care About Helping You Bring in More Revenue

Even as a kid, I admired small business owners. I thought the coolest thing in the world would be to run my own business one day. Immediately after college, I got to do it. I started teaching riding lessons at several local farms. It was tough (not that you don't already know this). After four years of tacking up flyers, cold-emailing everyone I knew (and lots of people I didn't), and participating in community events to "get the word out," I stepped away. I was making some money, but it wasn't enough and was inconsistent. I knew I needed to get a "real job." First I went into sales. Then I found a job working as a copywriter for a company that offered web design. And that opened my eyes to all of the channels I didn't know about before. I saw where I went wrong with marketing my business. I also saw where every other business in my niche was going wrong - because we had all been doing the same thing. Now that I'm back to small business ownership, my goal is to help other entrepreneurs like you turn more interested people into customers so you don't have to go back to the soul-crushing "real job" like I did.