Copywriting for Teacher-Entrepreneurs Who Want to Sell More Courses, Memberships, and Digital Products

I write sales messages that get you new customers and convince your past customers to come back.

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Hi, I'm Amy Cocke - Copywriter for Teacher-Entrepreneurs

Have you noticed this, too, when it comes to copy for course and membership websites, emails, and social media?

All of the sales messages sound the same. Or each business's website, social media, and emails rely on cute pictures and "personality" to sell. Or - the worst sin - the creators talk about themselves and not how their products help the customers looking for them.

​​​I help teacher-entrepreneurs like you figure out what to say to your audiences so you create and maintain relationships with your readers and spend less time experimenting with marketing.​​​​

If This is What Writing for Your Course or Membership is Like for You...

  • You stare at a blinking cursor with no idea what to write
  • You're sending emails and posting to social media - you're just not sure if anyone is reading them
  • You've tried running Facebook ads but nothing ever came out of them
  • You'd rather clean your office or do bookkeeping than go into your email software or social media accounts
  • You have an email list but you've never done anything with it OR you don't have an email list and don't know how to get one
  • You're worried everything you write sounds too "salesy" or "corporate" - and that's not you 

...Then we need to talk about using how the right sales messages can turn your marketing into the revenue-boosting machine it's meant to be.

Feel Like You're Swimming Against the Current When You Try to Figure Out What to Do With Marketing?

Before we get started on any projects, let's lay out where your marketing is currently first.

Make the Marketing You Already Have Work Better for You With a Sales Messaging Audit
Figure Out What to Say or Do in Your Marketing with a Strategy Session